Financial state & mental wellness.

I haven’t come across many people talk about mental wellness then mention financial stability as a major factor. In this world, we are born then groomed by the society how to be independent right from an early age.

When kids start attending school, they are told to work towards their careers. Elementary school teachers plant the idea in the kids’ head. “When I grow up I want to be…” that’s when the chase for the bag began. Money is a constant factor towards mental wellness.

It is not hard to see people who have been fired or demoted fall apart due to stress. It may turn out to be chronic stress if the person is not able to secure another job.

It’s the thought of living every single day in a society that expects you to play your role with empty pockets that messes with one’s mental state. How will you pay bills?

Having a reliable amount in your account gives you peace of mind. Work towards that, work towards mental wellness.

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