Every day is a compliment day.

Everyone appreciates compliments every now and then. Compliments that will live rent free in your head for days are those from strangers. I was walking from school some days back and a certain vendor said I had nice shoes. That pair is now my favourite plus he made my day.

Giving compliments to strangers can be hard sometimes especially if the person is of opposite sex. What if he/she thinks I am trying to hit on him/her? That’s usually my excuse, I don’t know about you.

It takes courage to walk up to a stranger and say something nice. Most of us leave those nice words in our heads and be like “someone else must have told her already”.

I choose to believe that complimenting strangers genuinely is an act of kindness. Lifting someone else’s spirit is priceless. People are going through a lot and they might just need that one sentence to make them feel a little better. They’ll remember you without a doubt.

I encourage men to get used to complimenting women. It’s not as easy as it sounds especially when you are not that social. The first few times will be tough; your adrenaline will rise and you might even break a sweat just to say one sentence to a strange woman. This is beneficial to you, your testosterone level is gradually rising with each trial and in time you’ll be confident enough to talk to any one.

I try to imagine how the world would be if everyone would be this kind.

5 thoughts on “Every day is a compliment day.

  1. Compliments are wonderful. I worked on myself for a long time to give people compliments even if was my first time meeting them. Nice one Derrick.

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      1. Thank you Derrick. 😊

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  2. It’s definitely a bit awkward at first when you compliment a stranger but it’s so worth it because you’ll make them happy and may even make their day. Great post and we could all definitely be kinder to each other and give more compliments!


    1. Exactly Pooja πŸ‘Œ
      Thank you for visiting 😊

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